Hot-air ballooning over the forest

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See the forest from the sky at the Domaine de la Trigalière.
Sailing through the sky in a hot-air balloon is an unforgettable experience. A two-hour trip up among the birds, drifting over animals and châteaux of the Loire as the wind takes you.

Tarifs – Montgolfière : vol d’environ 1h

Nacelle privée – 4 personnes maximum910 €
Nacelle privée – 6 personnes maximum1 210 €
Nacelle privée – 8 personnes maximum1 615 €
Nacelle privée – 10 personnes maximum2 015 €
Nacelle privée – 12 personnes maximum2 420 €

Possibilité de décoller depuis le Domaine selon les conditions météorologiques

Tarifs – Hélicoptère

ParcoursDuréeLocations type 4 placesLocations type 6 places
La Trigalière, Champchevrier, Villandry, Luynes, La Trigalière20 minutes1 rotation : 845 €
Rotation supplémentaire : 475 €
1 rotation : 1095 €
Rotation supplémentaire : 550 €
La Trigalière, Langeais, Azay le Rideau, Saché, Villandry, Luynes, La Trigalière30 minutes1 rotation : 1 110 €
Rotation supplémentaire : 665 €
1 rotation : 1 375 €
Rotation supplémentaire : 880 €
La Trigalière, Luynes, traversée de Tours, La Loire, Amboise, Chenonceau, Villandry, La Trigalière45 minutes1 rotation : 1 445 €
Rotation supplémentaire : 998 €
1 rotation : 1 785 €
Rotation supplémentaire : 1 235 €

Stéphane Bolze’s hot-air balloon

The view from Stéphane Bolze’s balloon surely makes this the world’s most beautiful balcony. Climb into the gondola of this behemoth just in front of Le Cottage and experience a unforgettable experience with your loved one. Stéphane will take you up amongst the birds, flying over the woods and giving you a close-up insight into the private lives of the stag, roe deer, boars, hares and foxes at La Trigalière. Watch them as they course through the poppy and wheat fields. This wonderful moment will turn you into a pioneer, like the 18th-century Montgolfier brothers.

At the time, Louis XVI declared the pursuit dangerous and outlawed it.
The two brothers proved to the King that hot air is lighter than cold air and that it was possible to fly. They managed to persuade Louis XVI but still he refused to attend the first flight. It was his son, the Dauphin, who represented him on the Big Day. In November 1783, Pilâtre de Rozier flew above Paris for the first time.

You too can become a pioneer, and enjoy the same unforgettable experience!

Stéphane, European Champion balloonist, 6-time French champion, and 7-time world champion, has flown over just about everywhere: America, Japan, Africa, Asia and Australia. All the same, he happily admits that here in the Loire is where he most enjoys ballooning. Why? Because of the animals, the châteaux and the gentle patchwork of plains, lakes and forests. This variety, these riches are unequalled anywhere in the world.

So, are you tempted by a romantic balloon ride? It’s a cosy fit, but you’ll be happy as you drift hand in hand, up high in the 1.1 x 1.3m gondola. And they’re off! A little burst of flame above your heads and you’ve already drawn level with the treetops, where a flock of wild ducks waits to greet you. Down below, the stag and three deer stop drinking and bolt in astonishment. Further along, a muskrat dives at speed into water. The gondola brushes ever so gently against the treetops. Taken by the wind you cross the Ambillou road and sail over the Château de Chamchevrier where the kennels are all abuzz. In the neighbouring meadow, the cows, who are more used to watching the trains rush by, are bewildered by this unknown craft. You’re flying at 20 km an hour, and the air is sweet up in your stunning viewing point. Pure happiness!

In the next meadow below as you drift through the air, two large horses are surprised, raising and lowering their heads together, then pirouetting like whirling dervishes. And now, for over a kilometre, the balloon accompanies a couple of roe deer leaping from a ploughed field into a field of rapeseed. Back on the ground, at the wheel of a 4×4, Stéphane’s wife Marie drives along little country roads, keeping an expert eye on proceedings. She communicates with the balloon by GPS and parks as near as possible to the field chosen by Stéphane for his landing. Time to steal one more kiss above the village of Savigné sur Lathan. The gondola begins to descend, brushes the poppies at 8 kph and lands as gently as a lift in a five-star hotel. This couple’s first balloon flight is celebrated in fitting style with champagne in crystal flutes. One thing is certain, they will never forget the dozens of animals they saw from up high or their kisses up among the treetops, huddled in Stéphane’s flying balcony, drifting over the wonders of nature.