Wellness Oil Massage

Anita’s services and prices
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Ayurvedic massage

Complete gentle head-to-foot massage: relaxing, energising, soothing and toning.

Sensory massage

Soothes nervous and muscular tension, knots in the back and all the most frequent tensions in the shoulders, between the shoulder blades and the back of the neck, and relieves tiredness and stress.

TUINA Massage

One of many gems from the vast treasure chest of traditional Chinese medicine. Invigorating deep massage, toning and stimulating for athletes.


1 hour€60
90 min€80

Other massages

Relaxing back massage with oil45 mn€50
Complete relaxing massage for children (aged 6-15)45 mn€50
Face/head wellness massage30 mn€40
Relaxing foot and hand massage45 mn€50

30-minute or 45-minute massages can be booked if Anita is travelling to give several massages on the same day.

Please pay Anita directly in cash or by cheque.