Getting your wedding right is one of life’s important decisions! Entrust the organisation of your evening party to the Domaine de la Trigalière and rest assured the day will be a huge and unforgettable success.

  • A 19th-century cottage for the reception
  • 10 country houses for your guests
  • 1,200 hectares of forest near Tours and just an hour by TGV from Paris

Hire a unique venue for your wedding

It’s the perfect place to say ‘I do’ surrounded by 300 animals roaming freely! Imagine a wedding straight out of a fable by La Fontaine, with stag and deer for witnesses, and foxes and rabbits forming a guard of honour. The moment the newlyweds step outside the little chapel, the fish clap their fins, while the squirrels frolic in the two-hundred-year-old oak trees. A wedding that’s a part dream, part reality. Here, dreams and reality go hand in hand!

A perfectly organised wedding

At the Domaine de la Trigalière, Isabelle is the high priestess of weddings. She began by holding her own wedding here, and knows just what it takes to make yours a success. You can either choose your own caterer or allow her to select one. On the Big Day, the bride gets ready in a secret private room. Meanwhile, the groom is in ‘Les Écuries’, a cosy and tastefully decorated house. And if he’s feeling nervous about his big commitment, there’s always the reassuring portrait of E.T, whose famous outstretched finger points to home – a message of hope and love. After the ceremony, the party heads back to Les Écuries for drinks before the grand reception in Le Cottage.

The atmosphere in the five lounges of Le Cottage, with their walls in warm blond wood, is laid back and relaxing. Opposite the bar is the large ‘Dames’ lounge, where the guests can dance, with a terrace for smokers. And a little further on, the ‘Paradis’ lounge is reserved for children. A place where the little ones can enjoy the party in their own way. And then there are the two reception areas, the ‘Rotonde’ and the ‘Berry’ lounge. The rooms are just the right size, giving the happy couple the impression of welcoming people into their own home. And there’s no time limit on the party – you can go on dancing all night! And in the small hours, long after the newly-weds have crept away, your guests can finally head off to bed! With their ties undone, or their heels in their hands, they’ll wend their weary way to their beds. The good news is that no one is lying in wait to breathalyse them! Hiring Le Cottage includes the 10 houses, sleeping a hundred guests. Beyond that number, Isabelle can also arrange accommodation in the surrounding area. Alternatively, you can set up a 200m² marquee.


Get ready for an unforgettable wedding night!

Let’s enjoy a secret glimpse behind the scenes of a wedding at ‘La Trigalière’. The wedding night in Sainte-Christine is simply unforgettable! Of course, the previous evening, the happy couple only had eyes for each other, the view was forgotten. But in the morning, they can feast their eyes on the panorama across the Trois Frères lake, through the picture windows. A gentle breeze stirs the reeds and a pair of ducks take off towards the sun, quacking gleefully. In a while, the newly-weds’ family and friends will join them for the final brunch of the wedding. Many of them will return the following year, often with a baby in tow.

‘Once upon a time’. The true story of a happy wedding at Domaine de la Trigalière. As you can see love is in the air here, so it’s no surprise that the animals who witness the event will also seek out partners. Anyone who has heard a stag belling will never forget the wild operatic sound. This animal wedding is marked with a cry of unforgettable power that that seems to emerge from the mists of time, giving you goosebumps.
‘Le Domaine de la Trigalière’ is like a waking dream. Come and see for yourself – you’ll soon be telling others all about it.

A wedding in nature makes a happy marriage!

At the Domaine de la Trigalière our aim is to offer our guests peace and a chance to escape. Staying here is also a chance to do your bit for the environment. It’s easy to talk about going green, but few people do much about it. But here, the trees breathe and thrive, under the watchful eye of René and Charly. Wild animals, totally at home, move freely from one area to another with not a fence in sight. If you follow them to find out more about their lives, you’ll learn how to interpret the ground and the trees. Getting to know the animals is yet another wedding present on the newlyweds’ list. Groups of hundred-year-old oaks rub shoulders with young chestnut trees, birches, maritime pines and Scotch pines. This blend of species and ages has created exactly the diversity sought by Bruno Cheuvreux, the owner of the Domaine. He loves playing with light, creating perspectives, combining lakes and woodland, and restoring houses that the wildlife loves just as much as their human occupants. But it’s above all with his tranquil strength and inspiring mindset that Bruno offers future generations the gift of the forest of the future, which he himself will not live to see.